Hardware Guide

The board is provided with:

  • NXP MKL26Z microprocessor
  • NXP MK20DX128VFM5 microprocessor
  • TD1207 Module Sigfox
  • Light Sensor
  • Reset button
  • Wake-up button
  • NXP FXOS8700CQR1 Accelerometer and Magnetometer sensor
  • LEDs which one is used directly by KL26Z

The TD1207 module provides a protocol connectivity using a simple UART interface. The NXP MKLS26Z is connected to the TD1207 module using the configuration 9600 8N1 without using RTS, CTS lines.

The Light Sensor is read from the ADC converter pheriperal of the MKL26Z.

The Accelerometer sensor is read from I2C interface.

The microcontroller uses the deep sleep mode VLPS, it is waken up by LPTimer every 30 seconds or by pin interrupt connected to the S2 button.

The board


Commands used

The comand to send data in the Sigfox network is:

  • AT$SS=18 AA BB CC: used to send the frame 18AABBCC

Datasheet and more

Please refer to architechboards website.